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How do I record a donation from a company?

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Sometimes you will want to generate a donation receipt for a company. This is easy to manage when manually adding transactions, but a little trickier when you want to import due to the import routine not liking multiple names in a single import field (such as first name).

If a company has more than one name before the Limited part (E.G. ABC Widgets Limited) this will not import via CSV or Xero.

If you are importing from Xero, it’s probably easier to manually add in a single transaction with the total donated from that company, as manual entry allows more than one word in a name field.

If you are importing from a CSV file, you could hyphenate the name, and then remove the hyphen once the transaction has successfully imported into Donation Manager.

E.G. import names would be FirstName = ABC-Widgets LastName = Limited.