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As online giving becomes more prevalent, many charities are beginning to ask questions about the various provider options to receive donations. It’s a question that most charities who want an online presence should be asking. If you don’t already have the ability to take donations online, you should consider doing so. Online donating is the most preferred method of giving for those born after 1965. With so many different providers out there though, it can be difficult to know where to start.

We aren’t suggesting any provider over the others. Each has its own pros and cons that will either suit your needs or not. This post is to highlight what some of the options are. Price should only be a start point when considering the best provider for you to receive donations. Other questions you should be asking are:

  • How easy is it to setup? Do they provide free support, or are you needing to do it all yourself?
  • Do they integrate with your website CMS (such as WordPress or Weebly), form entry programs, and social media platforms such as Facebook?
  • Do they offer the ability to process recurring donations?
  • How often do payments clear into your bank account?
  • Are they run through hosted pages (such as GiveaLittle), or do they integrate with your own website?
  • Do they only take credit cards to receive donations, or can they also take payments from bank accounts?
  • How easy is their documentation to understand? How responsive are they to your initial questions? This will usually be a good indicator to how they will support you once you are a customer.

If you are going to ask for donations from the public, make sure you are aware of your legal obligations. Not all not-for-profits can offer donation receipts for tax credits. A good checklist resource to find out if you can or not is here:
If your donations are eligible for tax credits, make sure you use Donation Manager to generate your end of year receipts.


What’s the difference between an all-in-one provider, and splitting the process between a gateway and a merchant to receive donations?

The main differences will often be in price, and the number of providers you have to deal with. When you are first setting up to receive donations it’s often much easier and quicker to use an all-in-one provider. This is particularly true if you don’t have high volumes to negotiate with. They can take care of all facets of the setup, and it might be up and running in a matter of a couple of days.

This option can be more expensive than if your merchant is your bank. If you have a bank account set up already, your bank won’t need to verify your identity like other providers will. This will save time, but it means you will also need to sign up with a gateway provider. The gateway provider will still need to verify you from their end to provide cheaper rates.

Below is a pricing structure table from the different providers here in New Zealand. These prices can be a start point for negotiations if you have a high volume of donations, as this brings down the per transaction cost.

All-in-One Providers

NameSetup CostFixed CostTransaction CostOther Notes
eWay2.7%Cheaper transaction plan available below
Everyday Hero$300 Annually5.5% Admin fee, 1.35% Visa and MC, 2.45% AMEXUsed to be called Fundraise Online
Ezidebit$1.50 per customerMinimum $20.70 per monthMinimum 90c. 90c for Direct Debit, Visa and MC 2.75%, AMEX and Diners 4.22%2 day settlement
Flo2Cash$3 per direct debit customer$30 per month2.7% and 15c for credit cards. $1.50 per transaction for direct debits.Cheaper transaction pricing for higher Fixed Cost
Givealittle5% per transactionHosted page
Payment Express/DPSContact them for direct pricing, or use a partner (example).
Paypal30c and 2.2%Clears to Paypal account. Costs $1 to withdraw from Paypal if you withdraw less than NZ$100
Pin Payments30c and 2.9%
Stripe30c and 2.9%


Gateway + Merchant

NameSetup CostFixed CostTransaction CostOther Notes
Merchant – ASB as an example of the banks0.7% – 1.0% MC and VisaMust have banking with ASB
Gateway – eWay$15 per month10 free then 10c each
Gateway – Create Hosting$150$50100 free then 50c eachOnly available with DPS

Is there a provider missing that you would be able to provide pricing for? Let us know in the comments or by getting in touch on the contact page!

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