1. Contacts

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A contact or donor must be assigned to a donation transaction for it to be included in a donation receipt. There are three ways of entering contacts:

1.    Adding contacts individually

  1. Select the ‘New’ button
  2. Enter in the contact information you require. The First Name and Last Name fields are required. Please note that to turn on the ‘post rebate letters’ toggle, you must have full address information entered for the contact.
  3. Select the ‘Submit’ button.

2.    Importing contacts

  1. Select the ‘CSV Import’ Button
  2. Download the ‘Contacts Template’ CSV file from here. This can be opened by any spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Sheets.
  3. Either manually enter, or ‘copy and paste’ contact information into the cells. The First Name and Last Name columns are required for a contact to be created on import.
    If a ‘save as’ confirmation box shows when saving, make sure you save the file type as ‘CSV – Comma Delimited’.
  4. If you want the box ticked against the contacts, the text in the ‘Post Letters’ column should read as YES. However if there is no Address information against that imported contact, it will be set to NO.
  5. Select the ‘Choose file’ button, then browse to select the CSV file you have just saved.
  6. Select the ‘Upload’ button.

3.    Automatic import as part of Xero integration

When Xero imports transactions into Donation Manager:

  1. The import will first attempt to match the Xero Payee field to an existing contact in Donation Manager.
  2. If no existing contact can be found but one exists in the Xero transaction, Donation Manager will create that contact for you.
  3. If no contact information is found in the Xero transaction, no contact will be created in Donation Manager. You will need to create a contact using the above options.